Cooperate Responsibility

Contribution to the community and social activities is a central value at Unipharm.

As a generic company, Unipharm is leading significant savings in Israel’s health expenditure, enabling the government to finance expensive technologies and drugs by saving costs. In addition, the delivery of Unipharm products to the market contributes to the fact that the cost of the drug to the patient is significantly reduced and  also facilitates the receipt of the drug.

Over the years, Unipharm has been collaborating with various organizations and programs to help and contribute to the community.

Unipharm has a longstanding relationship with the “House of Wheels” association. This association works to integrate the disabled in the community as an active and contributing member. The association operates with the help of many volunteers and emphasizes the development of the students’ social abilities and independence. We contribute by giving a significant financial contribution and  also the helping with the help of our employees once a year.

Unipharm  provides support to the Feuerstein program and transferred three scholarships for Ethiopian pharmacy students.

The Feuerstein Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is  designed to enable talented students from the Ethiopian community to be accepted and succeed in academic studies.

Twice a year, on Rosh Hashana and Passover, Unipharm employees collect food donations for the Association for Aid to the Needy.

Unipharm managers and employees are active in voluntary organizations and public institutions, such as the Manufacturers’ Association, the Israel Pharmaceutical Organization, and others.

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