Can we eliminate the pharmaceutical side effect of the patent system?

Recently, excitement in the medical scientific arena was followed by media reports about possible advances in treatments that could cure some cancers or at least contain them as chronic non-life-threatening diseases.

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Israeli ruling opens gates

A recent Israeli court ruling awarded against Sanofi for unfairly deterring generic competition by unlawfully pursuing a patent application opens the floodgates to seek damages not only in Israel, but also in other jurisdictions, according to Unipharm, the Israeli generics specialist that won the case.

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Prevailing against cost-leader competitors in the pharmaceutical industry

Abstract Development of a new innovative drug is costly and risky, yet offers the company protection against competition and high returns on its investment. Years after, generic products are launched and the price of the drug sharply reduces.

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Unipharm was founded in 1975 in Israel and since its early days has been a dominant player in the generic pharmaceutical arena in Israel. Unipharm’s new oral solid manufacturing plant in Israel is of high production capabilities and is EU GMP certified.